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They might be allergic to something you are putting on them. Try switching to a new shampoo and washing them really well a couple of times. This happened to my horse about a year ago, she was allergic to MTG (Rain rot medicine) and lost all of her hair where it had touched her. Did you switch shampoos/fly sprays recently? That might be doing it. I wouldn't worry too much unless the hair hasn't grown back in a while. It is kinda weird that they are all doing that though.

Thank you for posting the info on Seasonal Alopecia! We got a new standardbred mare in December, whose winter coat was incredibly thick and unmanageable.We clipped her, as our horses are at a racetrack, and get bathed pretty much on a daily basis- she was taking over 6 hours to dry out! Our stud and gelding started to blow out their winter coats about 2 weeks ago, due to unseasonably warm weather here, but our mare has the same symptoms listed in the post. We had never had a horse with a poor coat before, she looks so terrible with her bald spots we called the vet in! We started her on an ulcer treatment, as ulcers are common to about 80% of racehorses and a poor coat is one of the symptoms. After reading the posting, I think she has seasonal alopecia, what a relief! Of course she will finish her meds, as it is a 3 week course, and hopefully her summer coat will be more visible by then. Thanks again!

You are welcome, it is so great that we can share information and help each other out!

Thank you for easing my concerns about equine hair loss. I was completely unaware of this condition, Equine Seasonal Alopecia, so when my Mare started losing her hair I was truly upset and afraid of the severity of the situation. Your information and details are right on top of my concerns. I thank you so very much for sharing this information.

All 4 of my horses are doing the same thing i was getting worried about my babys i was thinking it was because of the sudden change with the weather . They all are getting there hair back slowly. I have owned horses my whole life and dont remember this ever happening but then again im only 25. Thanks for posting this.

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